2018, Oil on acrylic glas, silicone, interactive projection


Self-expression, self-optimization, self-distortion, self-evaluation: the review and display of one's own image has become ubiquitous and self-evident with mobile devices. At the same time, the limits of taste and privacy shift in the visual flow of seeing and being seen. Social contact needs are satisfied with voyeuristic mechanisms. Visual habits and self-image are more and more determined by the smartphone format, filters, distortions, applications.


"Black Mirror" will be on display at Designhaus Darmstadt from 16.8. – 9.9.2018.

I wish to thank MAZY and Artlife for their generous support in realizing my project.






"Positionen 2018 – Digitale Stadt"  presents a cross-section of works from painting to sculpture to video, object and installation, that deal with the topic of the digital city and its effects on people and society.


Thu 16.8. | 19 Uhr

Opening at Designhaus Darmstadt


Fri 17.8. | 19 Uhr

Opening at Ausstellungsraum EULENGASSE Frankfurt


Sat 18.8. | 19 Uhr

Opening at Atelierhaus Darmstadt


Fri 31.8. | 18 Uhr

Opening at BBK Schaustelle Wiesbaden


Fri 7.9 I 18 Uhr

Opening at Kunst-Schaefer and Kunstraum


After a successful start in 2015, there is now the continuation of the cooperation of BBK Darmstadt, Sezession and Freie Szene in Darmstadt with Kunstverein EULENGASSE Frankfurt and BBK Wiesbaden. The exchange of artists among these three cities is part of the project idea. An extensive supporting program with performance, podium discussion and lectures accompanies the exhibition.


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An event organized by Darmstadt KulturStärken e.V. in cooperation with Designhaus and Atelierhaus in Darmstadt, BBK Darmstadt, BBK Wiesbaden, IG Galleries and Kunsthandel Schäfer in Wiesbaden, as well as Kunstverein EULENGASSE e.V. in Frankfurt am Main.